Katane, tra Mito e Rito

Catania survives antiquity, keeping the name of the Greek colony unchanged, Katane, founded shortly after Leontinoi (that is, after 729 BC, Tucidide 6.3.3) from Calcidesi settlers, the same as Naxos, led by Evarco (Euarchos, the good commander). The city preserves relevant traces of this high antiquity within it.
The permanent exhibition "Katane between myth and ritual" focuses on the origins of the Greek colony, in the majority of the sixth and fifth centuries BC, exposing a conspicuous selection of finds from the votive Stipe of Piazza San Francesco, one of the major ensembles of this type known for the Greek age. The exhibition exhibits vases of Attic, Insular and Oriental production, clay statuettes, mostly depicting offerors, and a selection of clay objects donated by the ancient people of Catania to Demeter and Kore.

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