The regional system of the archaeological parks was born following the regional law 20 of November 2000 together with the institution of the first archaeological park in Sicily: the Valle dei Templi of Agrigento, configuring a regulatory model of exceptional modernity, still unsurpassed in the systemic approach to the principles of valorization of the archaeological heritage. The recent remodeling of the regional department of cultural heritage and the establishment of new parks. A total of 14 areaswhich are widespread throughout the island, consolidates and defines the system designed almost twenty years ago.


It is with the intention of structuring the Parks as a whole as an organic whole that the following is established at the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage. A specific Service with primary tasks of management and coordination. In the perspective of the construction of a strategic plan of regional development of the sector, starting an action of orientation and monitoring of the activities of the institutes on the territory, endowed with scientific and research, organizational and financial autonomy. All this through the necessary action of rationalization and optimization of proposals and resources.


A look at the future

It is clearly a complex operation, to be managed in a network way and with necessarily innovative solutions, with regard to the asset and the technical-administrative and economic sustainability both of the single park and, obviously, of the System, starting with the definition of an integrated cultural offer and acting on the possibilities that the system offers to obtain economies of scale, especially in the start-up phase. Proceeding with a rigorous "analysis of key factors", for an assessment of supply and demand in the area, taking into account not only the archaeological, cultural and landscape context, but also of tourist attractiveness, local products, intangible heritage, events; with a view to involving public and private stakeholders.


The coordination action is then carried out through the development of models, standards, guidelines on the management and enhancement of the system of archaeological parks, but also of qualitative and quantity, procedures and forms aimed at evaluating the quality of the services of use and of valorization disbursed.


In this framework, communication and promotion assume a paradigmatic value in the recognition of this new reality of the park system. All linked to the archaeological heritage of the Island. A heritage which, for its vastness and richness, constitutes the founding principle of identity for Sicily and its ancient and contemporary history.

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