Mura Timolentee di Gela

The city is surrounded by the famous Timoleontee Walls, still an extraordinary example of a mixed technique structure.
The stretch of the discovered fortification is in excellent condition.
On the northern slope of the hill, the walls had an articulated development controlling the plain below and protecting one of the main access gates to the city. The western end of the wall stretches out like a wedge towards the countryside, then goes around the ridge of the hill from the side, setting itself on the slopes overlooking the sea. On the eastern side, the wall had to proceed beyond the stretch to the light and rejoin the walls of the Archaic period.


The walls were accessibland from two entrances: a door with an ogival arch, then buffered with a wall of raw bricks; the other entrance is to the west and is a straight door, with door jambs and lintel wtod up several times with raw bricks. After its destruction by Fintia, tyrant of Agrigento, Gela was abandoned and the fortification wall lost its function.

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