Maschera arcaica

The Museum illustrates the history of Gela through ceramic, bronze and numismatic exhibits. The oldest nucleus consists of the Navarra and Nocera collections. The first includes a large number of Corinthian and Attic black-figure and red-figure vases from the clandestine excavations of the necropolises and collected at the end of the 19th century by Baron Giuseppe Navarra. Among the Attic black-figure vases (late 6th, early 5th century BC) are works attributed to the Painter of Gela and the Painter of Eucharides, and many lekythoi of the 'Phanillys class'.


Among the Attic red-figure vases (first half of the 5th century BC) on display are those of the Painter of Edinburgh, the Painter of Boreas, the Painter of the Boston Phiale, the Painter of the Pigs, the Painter of Berlin and the Painter of Brygos. These are works of great Attic ceramographers who arrived in Gela on merchant ships. The wreck of one of these vessels was found off the coast and has made it possible to obtain fundamental data for the study of ancient naval architecture and the commercial traffic that the ancient colony had with other Greek cities.

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