Anfiteatro Iato

The Archaeological Park of Himera, Solunto and Iato includes state-owned archaeological areas and Antiquaria falling, in a widespread manner, throughout the province of Palermo.
Under the historical-cultural profile, the Archaeological Park of Himera, Solunto and Iato includes all the ethnic and cultural components that characterized the western Sicily in the antiquity, comprising to its inside Greek colonial realities (Himera), cities puniche (Solunto), indigenous installations of high ground (Iato, The Montagnola of Marineo, Monte Maranfusa in Roccamena), prehistoric villages (Archaeological Area of the Faraglioni of Ustica), medieval and low medieval monuments (Terme di Cefalà Diana, Beccadelli Castle Bologna with adjoining archaeological exhibition).


On Monte Iato was developed, since the first centuries of the first millennium B.C., one of the most important indigenous settlements of central-western Sicily, founded by Sicani or perhaps by Elimi, people of uncertain origin, known mainly through literary sources.
On the promontory of Solanto, instead, rose the most ancient center of Solunto, founded by the Fenici together to Palermo, at least a century later regarding the foundation of Mozia. Destroyed at the beginning of the IV sec.a.C. by Dionisio of Siracusa, it was re-founded around the middle of the century on the nearby Monte Catalfano.
A few tens of kilometers to the east is located, finally, Himera, the most western of the Greek colonies on the northern coast of Sicily, founded in 648 B.C. by a group of Calcidesi coming from Zancle (Messina) and by a group of Siracusani outcasts.
A composite ethnic reality, therefore, which experienced different forms of mediation and integration that gave rise to hybrid and original cultural forms.


How to reach the Park:

Himera can be reached from the A19 Palermo-Catania freeway, exit Buonfornello.
Solunto can be reached from the freeway A19 Palermo-Catania, exit Bagheria or Casteldaccia; alternatively, from the State Road 113 Palermo-Messina, arriving in Santa Flavia, turn, at the traffic circle, to Via Giovanni Falcone, along which you reach the intersection with Via Collegio Romano, access road to the archaeological area.


The:Antiquarium di Monte Iato (ex Case D'Alia) and the nearby archaeological area can be reached from the SS 624 (fast-flowing) Palermo-Sciacca, exit San Cipirello.
The Beccadelli Bologna Castle, Piazza Castello,1, Marineo (PA) and the nearby area archeologica di Makella can be reached from the SS 121 Catania, where, at the junction for Bolognetta, you turn for the SS 118 corleonese agrigentina and continue to Marineo.
The archaeological area of Maranfusa (Roccamena-PA) can be reached from the SS 624 (fast-flowing) Palermo-Sciacca, exit Roccamena. On site there is no custodial staff, but the site is accessible.

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