Collezione dell'Antiquarium

The:AntiquariumThe museum, housed in the Case D'Alia, which was specially acquired and restored to house the museum, displays a significant selection of the artefacts found at the site. Of particular interest are the large stone sculptures (Maenads and Satyrs), 2 metres high, that adorned the theatre stage and an almost intact frescoed wall of the "early Pompeian style" on display during 2018, after a demanding restoration. Many other artefacts from the various phases of the city's life are exhibited in the, Antiquarium.


At the end of the hall, a reconstructed part of the roof of the theatre's stage building can be seen. Evidence of this is the almost one metre long and very heavy tiles, which bear the unequivocal indication: "TEATPOY, applied in a central position. All public buildings in the Greek city of Iaitas, namely the temple of Aphrodite, the stage building, the porticos of the Agora, were covered with tiles, branded before firing, so as to discourage the theft of public property for private purposes.

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