Collezione Museo archeologico

The exhibition itinerary includes the testimonies of prehistory and protohistory in the territory of the Greek city, for the kits of the necropolis of Cava Ruccia and S. Eligio, the testimonies of the first contacts between indigenous populations and the Greek colonists and the first Greek imports in the city of Leontinoi with testimonies from the town (Contrada Caracausi and Crocifisso). This is followed by the exhibition of materials from the sacred area of Metapiccola and the fortifications of the North Gate and the South Gate, which explains the stratigraphic section, which dates back to the Cabianca Rizza setting. The testimonies of the two periurban sanctuaries of Contrada Alaimo and Contrada Scala Portazza are then presented.


Considerable space is given to the subject of Collecting in Lentini and then to the necropolis of the ancient Greek colony. In the exhibition itinerary the continuity of life in the medieval age is highlighted, with reference to the rock churches and to the period of Frederick II, particularly linked to this territory.
On the upper floor there is a section reserved for the underwater discoveries of Contrada Castelluccio and then the documentation from prehistory onwards in the territory.

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