It is possible to walk to the Castle from the "Salita Castello" in via Circonvallazione or from the "Salita Branco" in via Dietro i Cappuccini in Taormina.


The monumental complex called 'Castel Tauro' stands on Mount Tauro at 396 m above sea level, where the Greek acropolis used to be. Founded by the Arabs in 902 and for this reason called 'Saracen', it was part of the system of fortifications built throughout Sicily in naturally strategic points. In the 12th century, the Arab geographer Edrisi, who lived at the court of the King of Sicily Roger II, stated that the castle of Taormina was one of the most famous ancient castles, just as Taormina was one of the noblest and oldest cities in Sicily. It was rebuilt between the 13th and 14th centuries after the arrival of the Normans and the Swabians.


The castle has a trapezoidal shape with a grandiose keep. On the south side, on a high escarpment, stands a tower with a sentry box for the sentry and alarm bell.
There are stored some tanks for collecting rainwater; an underground corridor used as a warehouse for weapons and supplies.

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