Veduta della Sala del Medagliere

Among the greatest European museums for extension of the exhibition spaces, it is unique in its kind, because it contains the results of the researches in the territory from the end of the '700 onwards.
On the ground floor, in addition to the Auditorium, there are the warehouses, the restoration cabinet, the graphic and photographic cabinet and the medal collection with its very prestigious numismatic collections, among the most famous in the world.


On the first floor there is an exhibition on the prehistory and early history of Eastern Sicily, the one dedicated to the Greek colonies of eastern Sicily and the sector dedicated to the sub-colonies of Syracuse, the Hellenized centers, Gela and Agrigento.


The second floor houses the exhibition on Syracuse in the Hellenistic and Roman period and the presentation of the Catacombs of St. John with the sarcophagus of Adelfia in the center of the path, whose discovery, together with that of the Venus Landolina, constitutes one of the defining moments for the birth of a museum in Syracuse that contained the memories of its history and testimonies of its cultural identity.

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