Antiquarium collezione

Inaugurated in April 2010, the: Antiquarium occupies the east wing of the 'Quartiere degli Spagnoli', a military building constructed in the 16th century. Consisting of 10 rooms, equipped with 25 display cases and bilingual didactic apparatus, the: Antiquarium offers, in a chronological continuum, from the Neolithic age to the Byzantine age (V millennium B.C.-VII century A.D.), a complete reading of the data provided by the archaeological research carried out in Milazzo from the second post-war period to the present day. Very interesting are rooms 5-7 dedicated to the documentation of the Greek age (end of VIII-III century B.C.), coming from inhabited areas, from possible sacred areas and from the southern necropolis.

The finds, which are large in quantity and heterogeneous in form, class and production, consist of locally made or imported colonial and East-Greek ceramic vessels, decorated with black paint, black figures or red figures, in the "style of the Gnathia" or banded, immersion or acromo.

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