The pedagogy of heritage represents one of the privileged tools for expanding the use and bringing the community closer to Cultural Heritage, no longer a jealous possession of specialists, but a heritage of all.
The training project of the Park , divided into multidisciplinary paths, proposed to schools and families, is based on the belief that the knowledge of history and the territory are important for the growth of the individual and for the exercise of the values of an active and co-responsible citizenship in the choices of safeguarding our historical landscape.
Communication strategy and didactic methodology of "educator" archaeologists are measured on the public of adults and children , protagonists of the training activities and stimulated by the unparalleled experience of encountering the past.

Scarica il programma delle attività didattiche gratuite per la Scuola Primaria e Secondaria a cura dei Servizi Educativi del Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico della Valle dei Templi.

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