Antiquarium Monte Kronio

The museum exhibition occupies the premises located on the top floor of the Stufe di San Calogero spa complex or Kronio caves, on the summit of the homonymous mountain that overlooks the town of Sciacca, known for the importance of the hydrothermal basin exploited from the past. therapeutic purposes.
The small antiquarium exhibits archaeological material from prehistoric and historical times from excavations and research carried out since the 1960s along the karstic underground complex in the Monte.


The exhibition illustrates the vaporous phenomena of Mount Kronio and the chronological sequence of the earliest frequentations of the Stufe di San Calogero, through the display of artefacts found there in two showcases: the first is dedicated to the prehistoric phases, the second to their frequentation from the 6th century BC to the Middle Ages and beyond.


The exhibition ends with a summary of the history of thermalism in Sciacca, a late ancient center of an important administrative and tax center of the Roman Empire, and on Mount Kronio where, after the fifth century, the presence of the Saint is handed down Calogero miracle worker.

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