Triconco della corte centrale⠀

Built in the early 4th century A.D. on the remains of a pre-existing residential complex, the villa, discovered in 1973 during the construction of the Messina-Palermo motorway, lies to the north of the hills on which the modern city of Patti stands.


The main nucleus of the villa is set on a large quadrangular peristyle around the which develop private, living / reception, representation and service environments. The peristyle, enriched by a four-sided portico and decorated by a polychrome floor mosaic made up of panels delimited by laurel festoons, braids and broken meanders, opens onto a central courtyard / garden also decorated with polychrome mosaics. South of the peristyle there is a large triapsidal room (triclinium) whose importance is underlined by the decorative arrangement of the floor mosaic. The Villa was also equipped with a thermal complex whose suspensurae floors, suspensurae, a praefurnium, ductwork and bath tubs.


The: Antiquarium, is located in the archaeological area and offers, together with an extensive didactic apparatus, a series of finds from the excavations carried out, testifying to the different phases of frequentation and transformation of the site.

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