Terme di Bagnoli

In the Bagnoli district there is a thermal plant dating back to the III century. AD. The thermal building, probably belonging to a private complex inserted in a larger settlement fabric of the Roman age, is divided for a length of about 32 m, through a sequence of six rooms, to the south of which structures have been intercepted relating to environments pre-existing to the plant itself.


Three of the preserved rooms, the tepidarium and the two compartments of the calidarium, in the second half of the 13th century AD, the floors are covered with black and white geometric mosaics with red inserts, whose decorative patterns also date from the 3rd century AD. All the ceramic material recovered testifies to the various phases of occupation of the site and to the transformations of the structures from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine period. Of particular interest are the first phase of reuse, attested to by the materials present in the filling of the main rooms, linked to a productive plant, dated between the mid/end of the 5th and the first quarter of the 6th century AD, and the last phase, attested to by a paving stone covering the rooms of the calidarium, dated to the 7th century AD. A selection of artefacts found in the Capo d'Orlando area is exhibited in the: Antiquarium Comunale “Agatirnide”, in via del Fanciullo.

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