Grotta di San Teodoro

The San Teodoro cave opens onto the wall of a high limestone cliff, Pizzo Castellaro. The site is one of the cornerstones for the knowledge of the Upper Paleolithic in the Mediterranean. The excavations brought to light five burial burials of exceptional importance for the knowledge of the physical and ethnic typology of the oldest inhabitants of the island. Among the numerous Sicilian caves containing Quaternary vertebrate remains and lithic artefacts, the cave of S. Teodoro is the only one to have returned skeletal remains of the populations spread in Sicily in the Upper Paleolithic, in the phase assigned by recent literature to an interval between 14,000 and 10,000 years.

This dating is confirmed by the lithic industries found inside and outside the cave, represented by numerous tools in flint and quartzite, which reveal the presence of at least two cultural facies. facies Since the first explorations, the presence of abundant osteological remains of Quaternary faunas (elephant, deer, hyena, horse, hippopotamus) preceding the appearance of man in this territory was detected on the: Antiquarium Comunale, in via Francesco Crispi.

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