Bosco Littorio

The emporium of the ancient Gela rose along the south-eastern slopes of the hill, in the locality of Bosco Littorio, which recently became the subject of systematic exploration.


Surveys have revealed structures in an exceptional state of preservation which, due to their type and location, close to the coast, can be referred to a commercial plant, with the function of collecting and selling goods. The walls are preserved, in the parts so far brought to light, for a height of over 2 meters, thanks to the rapid cover-up that occurred following the abandonment of the ancient city. The walls are covered with a fine light-colored plaster and in some cases, in the upper part, the housings for the wooden beams that formed the roof frame, made of clay tiles: the openings for the doors are also visible and at the windows.


The oldest finds date the installation to around the beginning of the 6th century BC.
The extremely abundant materials include examples of achromatic, Corinthian, Attic, Chalcidian and Laconic ceramics, as well as transport containers of the chiotaSamian and Western Greek, which confirm the commercial use of the complex.

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