Collezione del Museo

The Museum illustrates the history of the ancient settlements of the urban and extra-urban territory of Caltanissetta and other centers of the provincial territory, from prehistory to the late ancient age.


The historical core of the exhibition are the finds recovered at the end of the 1950s and coming, for the most part, from the sites of Pietrarossa, San Giuliano, Palmintelli, GibilGabib, Vassallaggi and Sabucina. Of particular note are the bronze finds, but especially the ceramic ones, from the settlements of Sabucina and Dessueri. There are also artefacts from the Polizzello site, which are fundamental for understanding the indigenous cultures of the Iron Age.


The Museum also exhibits part of the archaeological collections of Capodarso, a site which, although it falls within the province of Enna, is geographically and historically linked to this part of the territory of Sicily since together with Sabucina it controlled the valley of the Salso river (southern Imera). The path winds through five sectors, supplemented by new educational aids that illustrate the history of the sites from which the exhibited artefacts come from, from interactive telematic tools that facilitate the visit of the collections, as well as from a path intended for blind and partially sighted users.

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